Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Long Time Coming

It's been too long since I posted to this blog. In the midst of my pain, disappointment, frustration, and stress I didn't want to write anything. I didn't want to dump my "crap" (pardon my French) on anyone who might be reading. I realize now that maybe it would have helped someone else so I apologize for keeping it all to myself. Thank you for your comments, it's nice to know there really is someone out there that is interested in what you say or what you are experiencing.

I think in this "Facebook" world where it is all too easy to post random, often meaningless, items of information, it's nice to connect with people that truly care and are willing to go beyond superficial relationships to the heart of the person.

I have some great news to report. I started a new job in March and we just moved into a 2 bedroom townhouse. Needless to say, we were ready to get out of that motel room. I am reminded in the midst of all the great circumstances, however, that circumstances can't make us happy. I still cling to my God and my Savior. My husband and I still fight, my kids still drive me crazy (although I love them dearly) and at the end of the day, Jesus is the only one Who can give me peace that passes all understanding.